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Craft Boxes from Joann's

Unfinished Wood Craft Boxes

Ready to Paint, Stain or Decorate ~ from

Are you a crafter looking for unfinished boxes to decorate? Here are some good options with discount prices allowing plenty of room for profit in your woodworking market. Check them out and see if they will work in your craft business ... » View All

Hardware for Boxes

Hinges & Latches for Boxes, Humidors, Music Boxes

A fine selection of the finest hardware for boxes of any size. Shop solid brass hinges, lid supports, knobs, locks, handles, music box movements and more ... » View All
Kits for Kids

Carpentry Kits for Kids

Groundbreaking Concept in the World of DIY

Red Toolbox offers a wide variety of specially designed tools and exciting carpentry kits that let children and parents work, explore and create together. Work and play are intertwined, as the connection between parent and child is enhanced ... » View All
plaquesPaint palette

Unfinished Wood Plaques

For those looking for unfinished wood plaques ready to paint, stain, wood burn or decoupage, look no further! Here are some great deals on wood plaques for signs, awards, decorating, crafts, hand-made gifts and project ideas. Save a lot of money with the bulk assortments @ discount prices ... » View All
Whirligig Plans

Whirligig Plans & Patterns

for the DIY Woodworker

Sizes range from 12" to 20" but most are closer to 20". All hardware can be made by hand or bought locally and the plans detail exactly what is needed and how it works. The construction process is very simple. Great projects for adults and youngsters alike ... » View All
10 BF Craft Lumber Packs

10 BF Craft Lumber Packs

Select and better grade - Exotics & Domestics

Build a wide variety of small projects with these 10 board foot (nominal) lumber packs. Each lumber pack contains assorted sizes between 4" to 8" wide x 3' to 4' long x 7/8" thick. Surfaced 2 sides and straight line ripped 1 edge. Kiln dried ... » View All
Deluxe Vertical Mount Murphy Bed Kits

Build Your Own Murphy Bed

State of the art piston lift system

Deluxe Murphy Bed Hardware Kits include folding tube legs. They are totally concealed inside the bed cabinet when it is closed. When lowered out of the cabinet they manually rotate over the end of the bed face panel. Choose twin, full or queen size bed kits ... » View All
We are no longer building custom boxes and other woodcrafts. We have retired our shop in Arizona. But we do offer a variety of wood craft products for the DIY woodworker.
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