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DIY We are "Your Woodworking Resource on the Web" ... dedicated to all the hardworking men and women in the woodworking and woodcrafts industry.

We offer a wide variety of unfinished wood boxes, paintable plaques, shop plans, wooden kits, hardware, lumber and many more woodworking supplies to help make your crafts projects move forward successfully.

Make Your Own Folding Wall Bed ~ Twin ~ Full ~ Queen

View More Information Vertical Bed Kit    View More Information Side Mount Bed Kit
Vertical Mount Murphy Bed HardwareEach hardware kit includes plan for making basic box construction bed. This fold down bed mechanism is perfect for guests, small rooms and apartments ~ a comfortable bed by night ~ attractive piece of furniture by day. Hardware Kits work for Twin, Full or Queen size beds. Includes instructions for basic cabinet construction and instructional DVD.

Mechanism uses a sophisticated piston lift system rather than old-fashioned springs that can snap back. This finely engineered hardware is counterbalanced for smooth operation without binding or overextending. Beds are held securely closed, and open gently for added safety. Steel pivot pin and bracket points install easily without adjustments.

Bulldozer Kit

Build Toy Vehicles

Plans & Kits for the DIY Woodworker

Build your favorite workhorse. These toy vehicles are all the rage! Buy the plans (download or by mail) and you have the option to purchase the parts kits. Each kit contains all the specialty parts and hardware needed to complete each project. You supply the wood ... » View All
Kits for Kids

Carpentry Kits

Groundbreaking Concept in the World of DIY

Specially designed tools and exciting carpentry kits that let children and parents work, explore and create together. Work and play are intertwined, as the connection between parent and child is enhanced ... » View All
Unfinished Box

Craft Boxes

Where Creativity Happens ™

Michaels is a great place to shop for unfinished boxes ready for your decorative touch. These craft boxes include jewelry boxes, domed chests, photo cube, and more. Decorate and give as gifts or for resale ... » View All
CreateforLess Unfinished Wood Plaques

Craft Plaques

Buy in Bulk: 36 pc, 48 pc and 72 pc sets at Discount Prices!

These unfinished wood plaques come in a variety of shapes (round, french corner, innkeeper, rectangle, etc.) and are fun to decorate. They can also be stained, painted, découpaged, carved, or burned ... » View All
Whirligig Plans

DIY Whirligigs

Fun Projects for the DIY Woodworker ... Young or Old

Sizes range from 12" to 20" but most are closer to 20". All hardware can be made by hand or bought locally and the plans detail exactly what is needed and how it works. The construction process is very simple ... » View All
Wheel-easy Shop in a Box

Wheel-easy Shop in a Box Plan

For about $165 in materials, build this accommodating cabinet to store a small-shop's worth of tools, hardware, and supplies.

   » Overall Dimensions: 18" W x 40" L x 35" H
   » Featured in WOOD Issue 203

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Sensational Sectional Desk System

Sectional Desk System Plan

Featured in WOOD Issue 164, September 2005, this traditionally detailed home-office desk system gives you ultimate layout flexibility. Build only the sections you need, and combine them in any number of ways.
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    » Corner Unit: approx. 44" across both back edges
    » Single Unit: 24" deep x 46" long
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Military Hat Cover Box

Military Hat Box

for U.S. Coast Guard or other Military Branches

Beautiful hand-crafted hat boxes made from solid, kiln-dried wood. Each box is finished and includes viewing glass in front and both sides. Choose from solid Oak, Cherry, Walnut or get a Hat Box Kit ... » View All
Discount Craft Boxes

Discount Boxes

Ready to Paint, Stain or Decorate ~ from Amazon.com

Bulk buying is an ideal source for crafters, school supplies, kids crafts projects or discount teacher supplies. Choose from a variety of unfinished wood boxes in many sizes and styles ... » View All
box hardware

Box Hardware

Hinges & Latches for Boxes, Humidors, Music Boxes

A fine selection of the finest hardware for boxes of any size. Shop solid brass hinges, lid supports, knobs, locks, handles, music box movements and more ... » View All
Wood Model Kits

Unfinished Wood Models

Fun for Kids and Adults alike!

Made from pre-cut solid wood, these economical model kits can be easily assembled, sanded, and finished by even the novice woodworker. Each kit includes complete assembly instructions ... » View All
Clock Plans

DIY Clock Plans

from WOOD store® and WOOD® Magazine

We all have 'em: wood scraps to little to be of much use, but too beautiful to toss out. Now you can fashion those exotic or figured castoffs into a handsome time piece ... » View All

dvd icon Complete Guide to Mastering Your Tablesaw » View All

Complete Guide to Mastering Your Tablesaw
About this Video:
» Choose the tablesaw that best meets your needs
» Select the correct blade for any job
» Add accessories to make your saw even more versatile
» Make a variety of cuts safely and accurately
» Jig up to cut dadoes, rabbets, and other joints
» Maintain and adjust your saw for maximum precision

Attention Please:

After 16 years in the custom woodworking business, we have decided to retire and close our shop. We are no longer building custom woodcrafts. We want to thank everyone for their support throughout the years and appreciate your business. We hope you will continue to shop our site for other wood products, tools, plans lumber, hardware and shop supplies. ~ Deb & Dan McBride