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Music Boxes by Heartwood Creations

Every Musical Jewelry Box is skillfully and precisely tooled to create a piece of woodcraft that will last for years to come. Fill it with items like sewing supplies and coin collections or use it to organize flash drives and SD cards ... in association with Amazon.com

Hummingbird Music Box - 4" x 3"

Made with care and skill from American Cherry hardwood, this box features a soft, black lining to protect its contents and the music box. It is the perfect size for keeping tiny items such as buttons, paperclips, or larger items like watches & jewelry.

» Musicmaker Plays: 'Waltz of the Flowers'
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3" x 2" Heart Butterfly

♫ 'Claire de Lune'

4" x 3" Hot Air Balloons

♫ 'Claire de Lune'

3" x 4" Mare & Foal

♫ 'Claire de Lune'

3" x 4" Pandas

♫ 'Fur Elise'

5" x 5" Roses

♫ 'Fur Elise'

5" x 6" Mountain Scene

♫ 'Waltz of the Flowers'

5" x 6" Isaiah 40:31

♫ 'Amazing Grace'

5" x 6" Dolphin Leap

♫ 'Claire de Lune'

5" x 6" Dolphins

♫ 'Claire de Lune'

5" x 6" Best Friends

♫ 'Claire de Lune'

5" x 6" Dachshund

♫ 'Ode to Joy'

5" x 6" Kittens

♫ 'Fur Elise'

2½" Square Spotted Owl

♫ 'Claire de Lune'

3" x 2" Heart Unicorns

♫ 'Fur Elise'

5" x 6" Two Rowboats

♫ 'Claire de Lune'

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