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Small Box Hardware

Bulk quantities of hinges & latches for the DIY woodworker

In association with, we offer a nice variety of box hardware for crafters who like to make and sell wooden boxes. Bronze, gold or silver tone sets for all your box-making needs.

❈ Small Box Latches and Catches

Uxcell Left Swing Arm Clasp Toggle Latches Catch Hasp Bronze Tone 20 pc
(20 pc) Bronze Tone Swing Arm Clasp

Uxcell Left Latch Hook Antique Wood Box Hasp Catch Decor, Gold Tone, 20-Piece
(20 pc) Gold Tone Swing Arm Clasp

uxcell Wine Box Chest Hook Latch Buckle Catch Toggle Hasp Silver Tone 5pcs
(5 pc) Silver Tone Hook Latch

Uxcell Suitcase Drawer Chest Box Retro Style Toggle Latch Catch Hasp 10pcs
(10 pc) Retro Style Toggle Latch

4PCS Spring Loaded Gold Tone Cases Boxes Chest Toggle Catch Latch Lock
(4 pc) Gold Tone Case Latch

Silver Tone Toggle Latch Catch 10pcs for Chest Box Case Suitcase Trunk
(10 pc) Silver Tone Toggle Latch

❈ Corners for Small Boxes

Antique Decorative Box Corner 20 pc
(20 pc) Antique Decorative Box Corner

Decorative Edge Cover 20-Piece
(20 pc) Decorative Edge Cover

Bronzy Box Corner Protector 20 pcs
(20 pc) Bronzy Box Corner Protector

Vintage Decor Box Corner 100 pcs
(100 pc) Vintage Decor Box Corner

Flower Engraved Corner 36 pc
(36 pc) Flower Engraved Corner

Antique Vintage Box Corner Guards 20 pc
(20 pc) Antique Vintage Box Corner Guards

❈ Small Box Hinges

Bronze Butt Hinges 50 pcs
(50 pc) 1½" Bronze Butt Hinges

Small Brass Hinges 100 pcs
(100 pc) Small Brass Hinges

1 in Bronze Butt Hinges 20 ps
(20 pc) 1" Bronze Butt Hinges

uxcell Case Jewelry Box Antique Style Butt Hinges Bronze Tone 6 pcs
(6 pc) Antique Style Butt Hinges

uxcell 15 Pcs Gold Tone Metal Cabinet Drawer Butt Hinges Hardware
(15 pc) Gold Tone Butt Hinges

20 Pcs Screw Mounted Silver Tone Stainless Steel Door Hinges 1.5 in
(20 pc) Silver Tone 1½" Hinges

❈ Wood Screws

uxcell Phillips Countersunk Flat Head Self Tapping Screw M2x10mm 100pcs
(100 pc) Bronze Flat Head Screws

#4 x 1/2 inch Solid Brass Flat Head Philips Wood Screw
(100 pc) #4 Brass Wood Screws

uxcell M3 x 12mm Phillips Flat Head Self Tapping Screws Silver Tone 200pcs
(200 pc) Silver Tone Flat Head Screws

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