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To use this jig you will need a tablesaw, stackable dado set, and a calipers with dial or digital readout. You can purchase the dial type for $25-$50; digital models cost $60-$75. We've found a dial calipers essential because box joints must be cut with exacting accuracy. Why? Any minor error in the width or spacing of the individual "fingers," even .001", multiplies itself with every finger you cut.

For reasons of design and proportion, you typically make the individual "fingers" in box joints as wide as the thickness of the workpieces. In this article, we'll make a jig for cutting 1/4" wide fingers in 1/4"-thick stock (see the drawing below for the precise dimensions of the joints). For thicker or thinner stock you adjust the size of the jig's pin and the width and height of the dado cut accordingly.

Step 1. Cut parts A, B, and C to the sizes shown in the Exploded View drawing below. Any flat and straight stock will do.
Exploded View
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