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Futons, Covers and Mattresses

Futons are a popular and comfortable choice as a versatile seating arrangement for any home. If you like to entertain guests, then a futon is a great place where your friends can sit and turn into a bed when they decide to stay the night.


Queen Size Futon Sofabed Sets

... Queen size futon set easily converts into a standard queen size sleeper ...
Eastridge Futon Set
Eastridge Futon
Queen Size Set
Rustic Tahoe Log Futon Set
Rustic Tahoe Log
Queen Size Futon
Brentwood Tray Arm Futon Sofabed Set
Brentwood Tray Arm
Futon Sofabed Set
Westfield Futon Set w/ Dakota Cover
Westfield Futon
w/ Dakota Cover
Arden Futon Set w/Sussex Khaki Cover
Arden Futon Set
w/ Sussex Khaki Cover
Westfield Futon Set w/ Corsa Merlot Cover
Westfield Futon
w/ Corsa Merlot Cover

Queen Size Futon Mattress

... Featuring some of the world's top manufacturers of quality futon mattresses ...
Cypress Duct Cotton Queen Futon Mattress, Khaki
Queen Futon Mattress
Color: Khaki
Futon Mattress Espresso/Brown
8" Futon Mattress
All Cotton Futon Mattress
All Cotton Futon Mattress
8" Queen: 60" x 80"

Queen Size Futon Covers

... Made to fit queen size futon mattresses measuring 60" W x 80" L - up to 8" thick
Queen Futon Cover: Bohemian Prism
Queen Futon Cover
Bohemian Prism
Queen Futon Cover: Paramount Chocolate
Queen Futon Cover
Paramount Chocolate
Queen Futon Cover: Herringbone Black Stripe
Queen Futon Cover
Herringbone Black Stripe
Queen Futon Cover: Sport Playoffs
Queen Futon Cover
Sport Playoffs
Queen Futon Cover: Faux Leather Quartz
Queen Futon Cover
Faux Leather Quartz
Queen Futon Cover: Bombay
Queen Futon Cover

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