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Dan the Woodman McBrideWe used to offer custom handcrafted 'unfinished' boxes made from your design, but in 2015 we decided to close down our shop. The unfinished boxes shown below are photos of client's projects, with classification categories. We hope this will inspire you and show you just what kind of details go into the design of different types of boxes.

Client Designed ~ Handcrafted by Us

Standard Lid

1A Mahogany 1B Ash 1C Cherry
Ref: 1A Mahogany Ref: 1B Ash Ref: 1C Cherry
1D Poplar 1E Red Oak 1F Birch
Ref: 1D Poplar Ref: 1E Red Oak Ref: 1F Birch

Standard Interlocking Lift-Off Lid

2A QuiltedMaple 2B Alder 2C Maple
Ref: 2A Quilted Maple Ref: 2B Alder Ref: 2C Maple

Bottom Only - No Lid

3A Curly Maple & Bubinga 3B Maple 3C Poplar
Ref: 3A Curly Maple & Bubinga Ref: 3B Hard Maple Ref: 3C Poplar

Framed Lid for Tile Inlay, Photo or Needlepoint

4A Alder 4B Poplar 4C Poplar
Ref: 4A Alder Ref: 4B Poplar Ref: 4C Poplar

Flat Lid Box - ½" or ¾" Thick

5A Ash 5B Poplar 5C Walnut
Ref: 5A Ash w/ Dividers Ref: 5B Poplar Ref: 5C Walnut

Arched Lid Box

6A Lacewood 6B Poplar / Luan 6C Birch
Ref: 6A Lacewood Ref: 6B Poplar / Luan Ref: 6C Birch

Domestic Lumber for Custom Boxes

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Alder Sample Ash Sample Birch Sample Cherry Sample Mahogany Sample Poplar Sample
Alder Ash Birch Cherry Mahogany Poplar
Hard Maple Sample Soft Maple Sample Red Oak Sample White Oak Sample Spanish Cedar Sample Walnut Sample
Hard Maple Soft Maple Red Oak White Oak Sp Cedar Walnut
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note We spent almost 20 years offering online clients custom boxes built to their specifications. We really enjoyed building these boxes and learned a lot. Many thanks to all of you who supported us in this venture! signature