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Installing Wood Inlays ~ Step by Step

Inlay install 1Step 1:
Place the inlay on the surface of your project and position as desired.
Inlay install 2Step 2:
Using the inlay as a template, scribe around the edge with an X-acto knife.
Inlay install 3Step 3:
Using a straight bit in your router, set depth slightly less than thickness of inlay. Rout out surface close to, but not meeting, scribed line.
Inlay install 4Step 4:
If you don't have a router, use a chisel bevel edge to pare away surface to required depth. Pare away the remaining surface wood to the line.
Inlay install 5Step 5:
Apply a thin coat of glue to the inlay's untaped side. Place inlay into the recessed area. Cover with a piece of wax paper and clamp, if possible, beneath a block of wood.

Once glue has dried, sand top side lightly to remove paper tape.

All Inlay BandingsInlay Bandings:
Intricate solid wood inlays with delicate geometric patterns. Great for adding a decorative touch to jewelry boxes, table tops, picture frames and more.


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