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❈ Walnut w/ Maple CPO Hat Box

Walnut W/ Maple CPO Hat BoxExcellent!!!! Box looks outstanding! Couldn't have asked for a better looking one. Thanks again, for getting it to me so quickly =)
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~ from CE of Georgia

❈ Solid Walnut Military Hat Box

Walnut with Mahogany ClosedThe Box is just beautiful!! The rich wood with the latch looks great and it fits my hat perfectly. It's exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for the quick turn around time as well. ▸ See larger view

~ from MH of Maine

❈ Walnut with Mahogany Military Hat Box

Walnut with Mahogany ClosedJust recieved the box. BIG THANK YOU. My husband loves it. Thank you so very much for getting it done quickly. You guys are the best I will for sure give your name if anyone is looking for a hat box or anything else. A big thank you again. ▸ See larger view

~ from KR of Mississippi

❈ Walnut w/ Curly Maple Panels

Walnut w/ Curly Maple PanelsJust wanted to let you know the box is exactly what I was looking for, and then some. The craftsmanship you were able to put into it is absolutely mind-blowing. The wood was so smooth that my wife and I couldn't stop touching it, and even unfinished, the waves in the curly maple were clearly evident. The double dove-tail joint came out even better than I expected. Thanks again for putting all your work into this.

~ from JA of Louisiana

Hat Box Specs
We have retired our woodworking shop and are no longer offering custom designed hat boxes. We want to thank all of the clients who have worked with us over the years. It was an honor and a pleasure working with you!
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