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For your favorite feathered friends, here is a nice collection of birdhouses and feeders for the DIY woodworker. As always, WOOD store built each of the pieces shown from the downloadable plans offered here to ensure your building success.

See-in Birdhouse Plan

See-in Birdhouse PlanA great project to share with a young woodworker, this simple bird abode makes it possible to experience the wonder of nature from the comfort of your home.

Just stick it to a window and wait for feathered friends. Featured in the WOOD Issue 239, May 2016.

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A Tudor for Tweeters Plan

A Tudor for Tweeters PlanUsing only a small amount of wood, copper foil, fasteners, waterproof glue, and paint, you can build this charming home that's sure to attract songbirds to your yard.

We sized the birdhouse and 1 3/8" opening for such small fliers as chickadees, nuthatches, and tufted titmice. Featured in the April/May 2006 issue of WOOD Magazine.

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Victorian-Style Birdfeeder

Victorian-Style Birdfeeder PlanLooking for a gathering place for your fine-feathered friends? Then try this traditional tray feeder featuring painted columns and an attractive cedar-shingled roof.

The screen on the bottom helps keep the feed dry and the birds healthy. And, the feeder mounts easily to either a pipe or deck railing for your viewing pleasure. Featured in the November 1998 issue.

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Lighthouse Birdhouse Plan

Lighthouse Birdhouse PlanThis charming nesting box comes to us from Larry Hanapole of Marblehead, Massachusetts, who ranks as one of the world's foremost lighthouse enthusiasts.

In designing this project, Larry combined the features of two originals he admired on the coasts of Maine and Nova Scotia. Base measures 10-5/8" dia. Download or Mail Order Plan.

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Snack Shop Bird Feeder Plan

Snack Shop Bird Feeder PlanAll feeders are not created equal. This bird feeder design appeals to a variety of birds and their feeding habits.

This design provides a healthy, durable structure that both people and birds could enjoy for a lifetime. Measures approximately 10" tall and 12-1/2" wide by 8" deep at the base.

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Suet Bird Feeder Plan

Suet Bird Feeder PlanBirds flock to the high-energy nourishment provided by suet cakes. This good-looking feeder features a top that slides up the support cables, allowing you to add suet quickly and easily.

Whether you build one for yourself or a dozen for gifts, you'll surely gain a flock of feathered friends. Measures approximately 8" tall, 10" wide and 3" deep.

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Birdhouse/Birdfeeder Woodworking Plan

Birdhouse/Birdfeeder Woodworking PlanBirds love to congregate around our pint-sized country elevator in search of food.

And come nesting season, the barn-style birdhouse will prove equally popular with your feathered friends! Mail Order only.

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Birdbath Beauty Plan

Birdbath Beauty PlanThis tweet, easy-to-build project is a paradise for birds - and with its trio of colorful apple cutouts, it also brings a touch of Eden to your lawn or garden.

Stands 24" tall.

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