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❈ Plans: Mini-Barn, Shed, Garage and Workshop

This little all-purpose pole barn has been popular for years and years. It's been featured in dozens of newspapers and copies have been built across the U.S. and Canada. It's just big enough to be your garage, garden shed and workshop combined. And, it has a loft, with an outside hatch door and lift post for extra storage.

All-purpose Pole Barn Plans

▸ Perfect for Country Homes
▸ Floor Space: 395 Sq. Ft.
▸ Loft Space: 315 Sq. Ft.
▸ Fits Car, Small Truck, Tractor or Boat
▸ Extra Space for Storage
▸ Great as a Workshop
▸ Store a Lawn Tractor
▸ Inexpensive Construction
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Layout Design Specs

Exterior Loft Detail

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