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Vertical Mount Murphy Bed Hardware Kit

Perfect for small rooms and apartments! Make your own folding bed using this hardware. Hardware includes plan for making basic box construction bed. A comfortable bed by night and an attractive piece of furniture by day. » Close-Up View of Kit » View Bookcase System » View Side Mount Kit
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Hardware Kit for Vertical Mount Murphy Bed
instructional DVDA fold down bed mechanism is perfect for guests, small rooms and apartments. This finely engineered hardware is counterbalanced for smooth operation without binding or overextending. Mechanism uses a sophisticated piston lift system rather than old-fashioned springs that can snap back. Beds are held securely closed, and open gently for added safety. Steel pivot pin and bracket points install easily without adjustments. Includes instructions for basic cabinet construction and instructional DVD. Hardware available in Twin, Full or Queen Sizes.

Close-up View of Murphy Bed Hardware Kit

Hardware Kit for Vertical Mount Murphy Bed

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New! Deluxe Murphy Bed Hardware Kits New! Deluxe Murphy Bed Hardware Kits

New! Deluxe Murphy Bed Hardware Kits with Built-in Legs!

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