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Antique Reproduction: Writing Lap Desk

Antique Style Writing Lap DeskThis Antique Reproduction Travel Writing Lap Desk is a great and functional piece of early American Decor. Used in the 18th and 19th century by men and women alike, a wood writing travel desk like this provides the user a work surface on which to write. You can easily store a writing pen, inkwell, paper, documents, ink blotters and more. You'll find several compartments and a removable tray for storage of all your antique writing supplies.

Antique Style Writing Lap Desk
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Antique Style Writing Lap DeskThis lap desk allows you to travel with it on a train, in your car, to the airport and in your hotel room. Great for when you want practice calligraphy, send a letter, or create a work of art. The overall dimensions of the folding writing case measure 10½" long, 9" deep, and 3½" tall. The removable tray measures 8¾" long, 2¼" wide, and 1¾" tall, perfect to hold an assortment of writing pens, nibs and other accessories. » Buy it now

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