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Thomas Jefferson Writing Desk

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Thomas Jefferson's Writing Desk
Thomas Jefferson's Writing Desk
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View the original Jefferson Writing Desk at the Smithsonian
Thomas Jefferson's Writing DeskBuild a piece of history: the little writing desk Thomas Jefferson designed. It's a replica of the actual desk on which Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in July, 1776.

Designer and builder Lon Schleining had the great privilege to receive a grant from Taunton Press and a commission from the Smithsonian to build a replica of the desk for the Smithsonian's Castle Collection.
And now he is sharing his plans with you!

▸ Get the Plans: The Thomas Jefferson's Writing Desk
▸ Get the Book: Building Small Projects ... by Fine Woodworking
Declaration of Independence Desk, Relic of Revolution

Declaration of Independence Desk

Paperback - January 1, 1982

Contents include:
▸ The Events of '76
▸ Drafts of the Declaration
▸ Gift to a Grandson-in-law
▸ A Relic Comes of Age
▸ Donation to the Nation
▸ The Case of the Duplicate Desks
▸ Congressional Investigation
▸ The Relic Examined
▸ A Later Vintage

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