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Solar Water Fountains | Soothing Stress Relief

If you experience stress in your life and could use some stress relief and relaxation at the end of a hard day, the soothing sounds of flowing water from your water fountain will bring stress relief and relaxation to your environment. Take a break, go outside, stretch out in a lawn chair or hammock, close your eyes and listen to the sounds!

Solar Fountain2 Tier Pineapple Solar on Demand Fountain

» Dimensions: 17" W x 17" D x 33" H; 16 lbs
» Includes solar panel, pump, and two 16' cords
» Needs direct sunlight to run during day
» Stores energy in battery pack
» LED light turns on/off at night automatically
» 1-year manufacturer's warranty
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This fountain can operate on solar or battery power: In good sunlight, the pump is powered by the solar panel while the battery pack collects and stores a charge. If it is cloudy or nighttime, the battery activates and provides power; when fully charged, it can do so for up to 4 hours. When the batteries are depleted, the system automatically attempts to draw power from the solar panel, and will resume running once the sun come out.

Solar Fountain
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Solar Fountain
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Solar Fountain
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Solar Fountain
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