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❈ Handmade Intarsia Wall Art

These are 100% handmade wooden intarsia. Each is a thoughtful gift and excellent cabin, rustic, country style decor They come in a wide variety of hand crafted themes, for nearly any occasion.

▸ Hand-crafted Intarsia Wall Plaques

The size and color has slight variations from the photos, and sometimes will have minor imperfections are to be expected with the hand made items. Woods used include Maple, Tiki, Walnut, and Mahogany.

Intarsia Wooden Wall Plaque - Hawk
Hawk Intarsia Plaque
10¾" x 16¼" x ½"

larger view

Intarsia Wooden Wall Plaque - Eagle
Eagle Intarsia Plaque
16" x 15¾" x ½"

larger view

Intarsia Wooden Wall Plaque - Coral Reef
Coral Reef Intarsia
15½" x 10" x ½"

larger view

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