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❈ European Concealed Hinges

European hinges are easy to install, easily adjustable and last a lifetime! Completely concealed when the door is closed, they give a sleek look to any cabinetry.

Face Frame Hinges

Face Frame European HingesThese are the most common hinges used in American cabinets, designed for use in cabinets that have a frame that is attached to the front edges, or face, of the case. The frame is often made from 1½" to 2" wide solid wood.

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Frameless Hinges

Frameless European HingesThese hinges are designed for use in frameless cabinets, basicly 4-sided boxes with no frame around the opening. The hinge mounts to the cabinet interior.

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Pie Corner Hinges

Pie Corner European HingesAKA ''Bi-Fold Door Hinges'' - used for installing a "two-door" system in a cabinet. Typically a 170° European hinge is used to attach the "two-door" system to the cabinet. Rockler offers several styles to choose from.

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Thick Door Hinges

Thick Door European HingesIf you have a thick door, up to 1¼" thick, these Blum® 95° inset hinges are designed to work with that application. They have sleek metal caps to cover both the hinge arm and cup mounting screws.

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