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Toy Box Lid Supports

Ideal for toy boxes, lid supports prevent chest lids from accidentally slamming shut on fingers. Lid supports feature a solid brass slide with a statuary bronze finish. Available in several configurations ...
Right Mount Toy Box Lid SupportRight Mount
Left Mount Toy Box Lid SupportLeft Mount
Back Mount Toy Box Lid SupportBack Mount

Soft Down Lid Support

Quiet Action Support

Soft Down Lid SupportProtect those little fingers with these gently closing lid supports. Ideal for toy boxes as lid lower gently - never crushing fingers. Support opens lids to a maximum angle of 105° and is 8⅞" long overall. Quiet Action SupportPatented friction discs at the pivot point prevent lids from slamming shut. Lowering action is gentle and controlled. Supports lock when opened and unlock when closed. Bronzed steel.

Soft Down Drop Front Support

Lapcon Cabinet Lid Support

Soft Down Drop Front SupportSupport opens drop front to a maximum angle of 90°. A speed adjustment screw lets you control the rate of descent. Nickel plated steel arms w/ umber colored plastic housing. Lapcon Cabinet Lid SupportA unique lift-assist mechanism makes for easy opening, and doors stay open in any position. Damper enables soft door closing with adjustable speed.

Light-Duty Soft Down Lid Support

Adjustable Lid Support

Light-Duty Soft Down Lid SupportWith a range of 60-86" /pound per support, these light-duty supports offer the security of gentle descent for applications with top-opening flap door. Adjustable Lid SupportA versatile support that can be mounted horizontally or vertically, on either the left or right hand side.

Easy-Lift Lid Support

Jewelry Box Hardware Kit

Easy-Lift Lid SupportBy rear-mounting this lid support and placing it at least 6'' from the edge of the lid, you'll get added safety and smooth lift-up action. Jewelry Box Hardware KitThis hardware kit provides you with the hardware for a homemade jewelry box: pair of hinges, a pair of supports and a half-mortise jewelry box lock.

Self Balancing Lid Support

Solid Brass Support

Self Balancing Lid SupportAn adjustable spring loaded support holds lids in open position. Surface mounts only 4½'' from back of the cabinet. Statuary bronze finish. Price per pair. Solid Brass SupportAdd a distinctive look to drafting tables as shown, or on the inside of chests and boxes for a lid support. Knob tightens at any point along the 10'' arm. Base is ¾'' wide x 2¼'' long.

Cedar Chest Hinge and Lid Support

Lift-O-Mat® Gas Spring Lid Support

Cedar Chest Hinge and Lid SupportThis time tested classic design has been used on cedar chests and hope chests for many years. Sturdily constructed from brass plated steel. Allows lid to open to approx. 95°. Lift-O-Mat® Gas Spring Lid SupportEffortless opening of doors and lids! Gas springs are the ideal choice for cabinet doors and lid supports that open upward. Each set includes two gas springs and four mounting brackets.

Straight Friction Lid Support

Curved Friction Lid Support

Friction Lid SupportsStraight Friction - Reversible lid support uses a durable nylon bearing to create friction for a controlled lid descent. Friction Lid SupportsCurved Friction - Use in cabinets where depth is limited. Works in boxes as shallow as 2½". Brass finished steel. Screws included. 5½" overall. Price for one support.

Damper Gas Spring Kit

Small Box Lid Support

Damper Gas Spring KitStops fall-front cabinet doors from slamming down. Max. door height 24"; min. 10". Overall extended length is 9¼". Kit includes 2 dampers and 4 mounting brackets. Black. Small Box Lid SupportReversible support is made of attractive brass plated steel. Arms close to 25° and open to 166°. Arms lock open in detent position and are offset to clear sides by ½". Screws included.

Brusso Jewelry Box Lid Support

Stopmatic Support With Catch

Brusso Jewelry Box Lid SupportSmall version of brass mortised support. Cut a mortise ¼" wide x 2⅞" long x ½" deep to install. Solid brass. Stopmatic Support With CatchAdjustable brake controls lowering of the drop front. Comes with magnetic catch to help keep door closed. Can be used in left or right hand installations.
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