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With their permission, here's what our dedicated clients have to say about the work we did for them. We have included images of their special projects.

Walnut: 8/27/2013EC from Massachusetts writes ...
The chalice case arrived yesterday--it is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I was imagining in my head. I'm looking forward to finishing it-and can not thank you enough for delivering a perfect, well-built item. The chalice and paten fit wonderfully--and the community here couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome.

Walnut: 8/27/2013Thanks again for making this run so smoothly--it is a real testament to the internet and skilled folks--the entire chalice and paten was crafted through Internet relationships--the chalice was made in England, the stone knop was made in New Brunswick and the case was made in Arizona--so it's nice that all those craftspeople can be tapped to create something that is handmade and unique.
Bubinga Watch Box: 8/1/2013MS from California writes ...
Received my two boxes yesterday and again, superb craftsmanship! The Bubinga box is stunning, it will be amazing when it is finished with the inlay. Both boxes are again for family heirlooms and I expect them to last for many generations.

Mahogany Watch Box: 8/1/2013I noticed that the Mahogany box has a darker color top that contrasts very nicely with the lighter color bottom portion. Same as the gold watch Walnut box you did for me earlier. This demonstrates to me the great care Dan takes in selecting the wood and constructing the box. To be honest, I looked carefully trying to find some kind of flaw.... it just isn't there! I am seriously amazed how you both combine your talents to produce such perfection.
Maple with Bubinga Box: 5/30/2013MS from California writes ...
Received the box this afternoon and tore through the superb packaging, so anxious to get at my newest box. Wow! This is an absolutely stunning one-of-a-kind treasure that will be in my family for many generations.

Maple with Bubinga Box: 5/30/2013I am so pleased that I followed all your suggestions and Dan just did an incredible job building this latest box. Good old American craftsmanship that is so rare these days.

Thank you both so much. You just don't know how much I admire the two of you and your spectacular service.
Unfinished Ash Boxes: 2/16/2013YH from California writes ...
The boxes arrived today. They are perfect. Thank you. I'll know where to go for future purchases and I'll spread the word about your business, the speedy and personable service and the nicely done work.
Unfinished Poplar Writing Slope: 1/30/13DG from Washington writes ...
It's here! And we are both delighted. Dan, this writing slope is not only a beautiful example of wonderful craftsmanship, but truly a work of art. My wife is so happy with this special birthday present. I can't imagine what I could have gotten her that would have made her as happy as she is with this treasure. Please accept our thanks for the work you both have put into this birthday gift. We appreciate your work and friendly, caring customer service.
Mahogany Flat Lid Box: 1/15/2013AB from Arizona writes ...
First of all, the customer service is some of the best I've ever dealt with. I tried to use the custom box submission form, which is awesome, but I had no idea what I actually wanted. I put in the best information that I could come up with and it didn't all make sense. Deb called me to walk me through the custom order. She asked just the right questions and did her own research into my requirements to be able to better identify what exactly it was that I needed. I ordered three custom sized mahogany boxes to build electric guitar effect pedals into.

Mahogany Flat Lid Box: 1/15/2013These boxes need to withstand people stepping and stomping on them, repeated insertion and removal of ¼" jacks, and the general rough life that is usually reserved for aluminum Hammond type enclosure boxes. They needed to be small enough to not take up too much space on a pedal board, and be low profile enough so that it isn't uncomfortable to stomp on while playing guitar.

The turn around time was great. I waited to order all my electronic components until I had actually placed the order for the boxes. The boxes got to me first, and they had to be built. I think it may have been 6-9 days to get these three custom sized enclosures, once I placed the order.

Dan did a heck of a job meeting my size and durability needs. He built me boxes with insides large enough to fit all the jacks, circuits, and controls of the effect while still keeping it small enough to fit in a 1590BB footprint. After building the effects and testing the boxes in a show setting, I have complete faith that they will continue to withstand the beatings they'll take being stomp boxes.
Poplar ABC Block Music BoxesDD from California writes ...
I love the ABC Block boxes you made for me, they are so versatile. I can add the traditional alphabet letters or personalize it to a customers wishes with initials, names etc. By leaving the middle area blank it facilitates the painting or staining - avoids the time consuming painting around the edges of letters, just paint your decor separate and attach with glue.

Poplar ABC Block Music BoxesThe cut-out type design allows for a variety of decorating options along the edges which I like to use as a place for names, dates, dedications etc. The overall size is just perfect for adding my musical movements and still allowing some space for storage. The box has been a big hit on my Etsy site and I look forward to ordering more very soon. Thank you for this beautiful well made box!
Flamed Maple w/ Bubinga BoxJW from Florida writes ...
The box is exactly what I expected ... beautiful wood, expert craftsmanship and packaged extremely well.

Flamed Maple w/ Bubinga Box I added 8 coats of Tung Oil for the finish, made feet out of Lacewood to get the humidor up off of the table, added a Zebrawood tab to the front to assist opening and fabricated a cedar tray to make the unit a "double stacker". The Bubinga really made the top "pop".

Thanks again for a beautiful product. You can bet you'll hear from me again.
Walnut Couch Caddy OrganizerJG from California writes ...
Just a quick note to let you know I received the caddy in perfect condition. I'm very pleased! It's a heck-of-a-lot nicer than any remote caddy that's commercially available, by far! Thanks again.
Flamed Maple BoxJW from Florida writes ...
The new box just arrived. It is gorgeous...give a big "Thanks" to Dan for his outstanding work. I love it. I'll inlay a Turquoise vein or two on the top, install a front Cocobolo trim piece to help the lid open, line it with a leather bottom and finish with several coats of Tung Oil. It's a perfect "big brother" to my other box.
Walnut Watch Box MS from California writes ...
WOW ... another stunning walnut box, custom made for an engraved 14K gold pocket watch that has been in the family since the late 1800's. This box is truly a piece of heirloom quality art. The fit of all the pieces is perfection. The recessed area for the metal inlay is so precise that it simply drops into place; no gaps and no depth adjustments necessary.

Walnut Watch BoxThis is my second custom box by Dan and Deb. They have been so helpful with all my questions regarding construction details through finishing. Still working on my first box. Four coats of Tung oil so far and it looks fabulous. Just can't say enough about the quality product and professional service.
Walnut Storage Box with Divided TrayMS from California writes ...
Received my box yesterday and it is far beyond my wildest expectations. Honestly, I don't see how you can produce such an awesome product at that price and still turn a profit. I think it is just incredible that you can still find premium quality hand made treasures like this in the USA at a reasonable price.

Walnut Storage Box with Divided TrayThank you so much for your flawless product and sterling service. Even the packaging was superb! You both can be very proud of your accomplishments. Truly a one of a kind business.
Unfinished Poplar Box with Drawer: 1-7-12TM from Missouri writes ...
The box arrived on the 4th and I'm very pleased - it's beautiful! Very well made, and the grain and finishing is wonderful. The hardware assembly looks pretty straightforward but if I have any difficulties I'll let you know.
Walnut with Mahogany Military Hat BoxKR from Mississippi writes ...
Just recieved the box. BIG THANK YOU. My husband loves it. Thank you so very much for getting it done quickly. You guys are the best I will for sure give your name if anyone is looking for a hat box or anything else. A big thank you again.
Spanish Cedar Cigar Bins: 1-19-12CB from New Jersey writes ...
I just wanted to let you know that I received my brackets, bins, and dividers last Tuesday. As usually, everything exceeded my expectations. I couldn't be happier with my order as well as all the products I've purchased from you. Thanks again for all the help throughout the process and for supplying such quality products. I'll make sure to spread the word to all that inquire.
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